Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Peace Meditation - you can even join in remotely.

Friday 21st Sept is International Peace day - though for us every day is peace day.  Anyway, we will be linking in with many around the globe to meditate for peace.  We will focus on 4pm GMT, and ideally with a local gathering, but anyone can tune in then, or in fact anytime from 4am on 21st to 4am on 22nd, as the international effort will swing right around the clock.

Please also see our "Back to The Garden" facebook page if you are interested in meditation link-ups in general, as we do them several times a week, to help embed our ideas of how we want our world to be into the collective subconscious, and to enhance world peace, healing, love, consciousness, etc.  We also post articles, links etc.

Also our website is