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You can literally learn to use your own minds as tools to design your own life journeys, and be heart-centred, and balanced.

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Julia Woodman is a Writer and Total Well-being Consultant.

She is a qualified Life Coach, Stress Consultant, Counsellor / Mediator, and Healer, and she MENTORS adults and young people to help them find what they need in life. (Please click to see further relevant Qualifications & Experience.)

Julia is also now a Nutritional Therapist, and offers assessments & plans, with support. Also do read some interesting stuff about Epigentics here.

She is also a Philosopher, Author, Global Networker – see Pinterest / Goodreads / Twitter / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (USA)

Julia is a widely published Poet & Artist too, and does Poetry Workshops in SCHOOLS and festivals, plus Stress Busting workshops for businesses, and for private groups.

Copyright of art on this blog is with Julia Woodman, but you may repost if acknowledged, with link.

Julia also writes for other websites such as the NaturalNews.com blog and Live.Guru, where she also provides access to her live chat services.

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