Sunday, 1 May 2016

Designer Products using my Artwork

I am now designing products using my artwork, you can check out my ZAZZLE ones via my collections.

The links listed below take you to - but you can also check them out on, although the range of products available on the UK one are not as wide, yet.

*  Art for Clothing, Shoes


* Art for Accessories

* Art for Home, Office

* Art for Gadgets, Cases, Headphones

* Art for Cards & Gifts
* Unusual, Unique, Novelty Items
* Bold Organic Range - Simply Stunning
* Chaos into Form - Stimulating Creativity

* Natural: plant, animal, landscapes, sunsets, etc
* Sun Lake Design Range

* Squazzle Art Design Range

* BeDazzle Fun & Sparkle Design Range

* Consciousness, Quotes, Poetry, Inspiration

* Heart,
Kiss, Eye, Love

Zazzle offers quite a wide range of interesting products, and allows me to choose a product first and then add my design.  I continue to update the collections with new designs / products - hope you enjoy!

I am also designing on other sites, both of which require you to add the design first and then adapt it for each product it might suit - and - I love that I can design LEGGINGS and SKIRTS and HARD COVER JOURNALS, as well as the other sort of things I have already been designing on other sites.  It's fine to order from here in the UK as well. - Has a similar basic product range as the other two sites, but also allows me to licence use of my work to others.  They also have branches around the world, so it's easy to order from anywhere.

It's great fun to be able to use my art and photos like this!


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