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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Depression, Addiction, and even Weight Issues can be linked to Mineral Imbalance


We depend on proper cell function for our bodies to be able to work properly and enable us to experience good mental and physical health.

The cell process is basically that we hold calcium and sodium inside our cells during daylight hours, then when night comes, these move out of the cells - taking toxins with them, into the lymph, then blood, etc.

At night we have magnesium and potassium instead inside the cells. If we are short of these then they cannot move into the cell, displacing the calcium, sodium, and toxins, so the toxins get stored up and cause problems.

These electrolytes are very important for detoxifying, plus we need lipids (omega 3 & 6 oils), plus lots of water for hydration, and for the correct electrical charges to be in place around the cells. The omega 3 and 6 oils cannot be made by our bodies so have to be ingested to increase cell membrane permeability and for various other functions.


Water is very important. If we are dehydrated (which is quite common) then we are not able to get rid of the toxins from our bodies as we should. Toxins build up all the time from normal bodily processes, and are usually eliminated by the exchange of minerals in and out of the cells, and then carried out via the lymph, which becomes sluggish if there is not enough water in the body. If we become quite dehydrated, our bodies will tend to become ill in an effort to raise the temperature enough to get stagnant lymph flowing and clear the toxins that have built up. Also, if we are dehydrated, then the cells store extra cholesterol in their membranes in order to keep the water they do have, so the process tends to be a bit of a vicious cycle.

Water for re-hydration purposes has to be either pure water, or herbal tea (not infusions), with nothing added. There are loads of interesting herbal teas. I particularly like echinacea and raspberry - the echinacea helps the throat etc, and boosts immunity, but needs the raspberry (or something) flavour. Lemon and Ginger is also very good for clearing out and for the digestive system.


Our diets are affected by soil depletion and pollution as well as by the way food is processed, so we do need to use supplements to replace some missing ingredients, and try to be careful about what we eat and drink.

It is quite easy to become deficient in magnesium as there is not much left in the soil especially in particular areas. (The same applies to things like selenium.)

Shortage of magnesium (known as “the great soother”) often means we seek other things to try to soothe us – like sugar, alcohol, or drugs. Putting on weight or other effects of having too much sugar can cause depression, and so can feeling dependent on things like alcohol or drugs.

I have to watch out for a shortage of potassium (available from bananas and also strawberries), but am not sure yet why I tend to have this lack.

We apparently quite often misplace calcium in our bodies rather than being short of it, if the cell membranes are stopping this process of electrolytic exchange, then it has to go somewhere else.

We are unlikely to be short of sodium, in fact if the sodium levels are too high, it can interfere with this process, and you may need zinc to help redress the balance.

Of course, there are many other vitamins and minerals needed for proper body function, so this is only scratching the surface, but I would like to encourage people to educate themselves about these things so that they can make their own choices about their health in an informed way. I believe that we can recover from pretty much anything in a natural way if we have the right information to make the right choices.

Iodine in the thyroid is supposed to maintain body temperature, among other things, but a lack of minerals, and stress, can have a huge effect on this process. If people's average body temperature is lowered then it is much harder to regain health. Fluoride that has been added to water and/or toothpaste tends to block the absorption of iodine because it attaches to the receptors that were meant for attracting the iodine.. Nitrates and nitrites (from fertilizers and thus in our water) also have this effect (also chlorine, chloride, bromine, and bromide).

The contraceptive pill is said to contain a lot of copper, which does not result in a good balance particularly in young girls as it emulates the conditions of a woman in labour, and also reduces the amount of zinc present at a time (puberty) when the body really needs it. Low zinc increases the likelihood of co-dependent and/or addictive behaviours, which could perhaps go a long way to explain why so many young girls are drinking and smoking so heavily. ‘The pill’ also contains synthetic estrogens which are building up in our water and affecting other life forms down the food chain.


If we become too acidic it affects our digestive enzymes and so we can become short of essential vitamins and minerals due to not being able to absorb them properly via our digestive systems. We need to ensure that our detoxification system is working to reduce acidity, as our normal metabolism process produces acidity as a matter of course.

Stress from relationships, jobs, money worries, etc can lead to dehydration, as can unresolved emotions from the past, and as can electromagnetic interference from having too many gadgets etc around us. Stress and negative thoughts attract similar vibrations, thus we seem to attract more bad luck when we are already down, and become vulnerable to depression. We are meant to be in tune with the earth and the universe. Everything is possible if you live in harmony with all around you.

We need to stop focusing on treating our symptoms and find solutions at the root. We need to ensure our bodies have what they need to function as they are meant to, getting rid of things they don’t need in a natural way, rather than burying the symptoms only to end up getting worse. Taking too many medications or other drugs only adds to the stress we are putting on our bodies, and also tends to reduce our overall temperature, which as we have said is not good for our health either.

Surely we should also be trying to stop the widespread use of toxins in our environment that are destroying our soil, our water, and even our air. Clean soil, air, and water are things we ought to have a right to, along with freedom of thought, and of speech.

Everything in our natural world and out there in the universe is inter-connected, so we need to be open to that connection, not closed off by fear, allowing other people to dictate to us. Once we understand our bodies needs we can obtain health and happiness and freedom. Our bodies are amazing, so let’s try to pay heed to what they need and help them to help themselves!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The LOVE Pages

We have a new website section called "The LOVE Pages" which I hope will be of interest.
Here you will find all sorts of ideas, information, inspiration, and tools to help support you in Love and Life.
We will keep adding to it organically over time according to what inspires us, and what seems to be needed, so do let us know if you think anything is missing, and we will try to cover it.
We are for Total Holistic Wellbeing, including Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit.
LOVE is one of the major keys to Life - but not just love as in romance - all sorts of love is involved - so do come check us out, and hopefully share the page with others too.

The LOVE Pages

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Forgive to both give and receive love

Let's #forgive someone for #Valentines day, it's a great way to show #love, and forgive yourself too for the #hurt you held onto.

(this part above is a tweetable phrase if you want to retweet it, feel free)

When you let go of pain then love and life force flows back into you!

#Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of #life ” - George MacDonald

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Julia Woodman Writer and Therapist: BEING REAL

Julia Woodman Writer and Therapist: BEING REAL: Greatvine have published this article of mine in it's entirity despite it being quite radical

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Creative Writing - Poetry & Prose

Article on Creative Writing - Poetry and Prose - including: Surrealism, the Duende, Psychological Landscapes, Prose Poetry and other Prose writing,
Haiku, How to avoid being didactic, and Holistic Wellbeing for Writers.